About Andrew


Date of Birth: November 22, 1975

Birthplace: North Vancouver, BC

Residing in: Langley, BC

Height: 5’7”

Weight: Stage weight 167 lbs ~ Off Season 180 lbs


ACE Certified Personal Trainer (One-on-One and Online)

CBBF National Level Men’s Physique Competitor

BCABBA Provincial Level Judge

BCABBA Men’s Physique Athlete’s Representative



Born and raised in North Vancouver, I am currently living in Langley.  Happily married for 20 years to my beautiful wife Grace, we have an amazing daughter and 3 dogs.

After spending most of my adult life managing restaurants, I had stopped making time for fitness and exercise in my regular routine. What really got me back on track with my health & fitness was when I began approaching my mid 30’s. I recognized that I was self-conscious about my physical appearance and was constantly thinking about my Dad passing away when I was only 3 years old, due to a heart attack. I started working with a personal trainer and started to see results after a very short time, losing over 30 pounds.

Since that time, I have competed in seven Men’s Physique competitions, making it to the Nationals in my first year and returning three more times already. Look for me in my next competition as I return to the National stage in 2017.

Since becoming certified as a personal trainer myself, I have changed careers after working in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. I now work as a Personal Trainer specializing in one-on-one as well as group training, contest prep and posing.

2016-BC-Provincials-Left Side

Contest History

CBBF Canadian Nationals – Surrey, British Columbia, July 29
  • Placing: 13th Men’s Physique Short
  • Placing: 5th Master’s Men’s Physique
Vancouver Pro-Am / BC Championships – Vancouver, British Columbia, July 10
  • Placing: 4th Men’s Physique Short
  • Placing: 3rd Master’s Men’s Physique
IFBB International Events Qualifier – Winnipeg, Manitoba, 
  • Placing: 5th Men’s Physique Short
CBBF National Championships – New Westminster, B.C., 
  • Placing: 13th Men’s Physique Medium
IFBB International Events Qualifier – Winnipeg, Manitoba, (National Qualifier)
  • Placing: 2nd Men’s Physique Short
CBBF National Championships – New Westminster, B.C., 
  • Placing: 7th Men’s Physique Short
BC Provincial Championships – New Westminster, B.C., June 23rd, 2012
  • Placing: 5th Men’s Physique Short
Western Canadians – Kelowna B.C., – First Show
  • 3rd Men’s Physique Short